Water Vending Machine

water vending machine

RO Pure water vending machine is a setting in the community,The automatic water vending machine not only can automatic producing pure water but also can automatic selling pure water, and 24 hours for supply drink pure water to the customer , to provide international standards for community residents to use filtration and purification technology drinking water is designed to have been popular in Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea for many years. It covers an area of only 1 square meters, is generally placed in the community, convenience stores, markets, units, schools and other places, and give full play to the cheap rent of these places, a stable consumer base, close personal connections and other advantages, is conducive to long-term business. Now developed from coin-type water vending machine coin to IC card type automatic water vending equipment.

Our Water Vending Machine Factory

water vending machine factory

Shenzhen Angel Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd since 1996, is one Subsidiary Company of Angel Group, have become a rather strength manufacture enterprise in ice and water vending equipment since established. We run with ourselves independent innovation and ourselves specific features way. It is main to research and manufacture intelligent water treatment equipment , and have formed water vending machine as core of multiple intelligent vending equipment . we are the more early manufacturer to research and manufacture the auto vending machines with induction and with paper money to sell , and is one more early enterprise of purifying water ( water station )equipments (main products including:full auto ice vending machine, water vending machine, RO water treatment ,integrative beverage package, 3/5 gallons auto bottling machine ,home water treatment equipment, Piping drinking pure water equipment and many related equipment), made big contribution for the pure water market development and the promotion and popularization of piping drinking water

We are high-tech Co., professional in researching, manufacturing and selling in field of RO water treatment equipment ,auto vending equipment, filling equipment. We strictly manufacture and manage according to ISO9001:2000 System, and follow national standards and the related standards of World Health Organization We can provide the best service for customers.

We will continue researching ,developing and innovating to manufacture high quality products to satisfy different customers need, continue improving the drinking water level for people. Our company final target is to improve drinking water quality .

And we sincerely welcome customers all over the world to visit our company, or browse, visit our website. Any requirement, please contact us by E-mail, telephone or fax, we will provide best service for customers.


IC card Water Vending Machine                                                                          Coin Water Vending Machine

IC card water vending machineWater Vending Machine can fit world's coin

Coin and intelligent IC card charging technology, both of which can be applied according to client’s demand
Luxurious waterproof all-steel cabinets, the front door open design, safety and health, durable and easy installation
Advanced RO purification techniques, include nine stages effective treatment, purified water quality can reach the national drinking water standards.
Airtight filling High concentrations with ozone sterilization, prevent the secondary pollution completely
24-hour uninterrupted UV sterilization, guarantee the water quality
Advanced digital technology,to control the bussiness situation at any time.
The powerful pretreatment,also it can do the backwash for the filters to reduce the cost

Additional Function,Bill/Paper money Accept. Water Vending Machine

Water Vending Machine can use paper money



Tap water or city water
Water inlet electromagnetic valve
5u PP filter
Bulk activated carbon filters
Sintering activated carbon filter
5u PPF precision (wipe out more small iteam)
RO system
Post active carbon ( improving taste)
Mineralization filter ( improving taste)
Stainless steel 304
Ultraviolet sterilizer ( to prevent bacterial reproduction )
Pulse flowmeter electromagnetic valve ( Usage-Based, error rate of < 2%)
Ozone sterilization ( on the container and the canned between sterilization, eliminate two pollution)
Water ( closed type water intake and with light inspection function, health and safety)
Water control system
( According to the water level of water tank.To automatic detection,producing water, stop,water protection,RO delay flushing, light boxes light inspection automatic photosensitive control, water stop signal output
Automatic sales control system
Use the advanced induction IC card and coin receiver combined; The IC card consumption can be accurate to 0.01 yuan; coins consumption, receiving 5 horns and 1 yuan coins. ( Can add bill selling system according to customer demand )


1.Filter, filter cleaning and replacement:

1)If the user can pay attention to the timely replacement of filter element of the reverse osmosis water vending machine, can ensure that the water quality of long-term good, replacing the filter core period based on water quality and mineral composition and decide, or to water quality detector.

The following parameters are for reference only: ( water source for the city tap water)

Quartz sand

1 to 2 years

Active carbon

for 1 years

Precision filter(PPF)

1 to 3 months

Reverse osmosis membrane

1 ~ 2 years

post-carbon filter

half year

post mineralization filter

half year

ultraviolet lamp

3000 ~ 5000 hours ( according to user needs to install )

Ozone generator

1 year ( dry air)

2) More medium filter, adsorption filter replacement method:

A, Replacing time reference value of the time. ( Note: According to the actual water quality status to determine the time of replacing. )

B, In the using period, to keep the two filter periodically backwashing and washing time, flushing time is not less than 10 minutes. ( Note: according to the actual business content to determine the frequency time of washing. )

C, When replacement the filter material of the kinds of filtration,The power,water supply must closed and water had been drained.

D, loose filter fastening clamps, then counterclockwise rotation of the top edge filter flush valve three PVC slipknot, remove the filter. ( Note: when removed from the inside to the outside. )

E, counter clockwise rotation of the top of the filter flush valve, poured filter, remove the center tube, rinse with water filtering barrel inner wall.

F, filled with new media, first into the core tube, and then filling material; filling filter stratified filling, as follows:

1), more medium filter: filter barrel bottom is provided with 10% of coarse quartz sand, then put 40% of the fine quartz sand, quartz sand 40% installed on the top of the rubble.

2), adsorption filter: filter barrel bottom is provided with 10% of coarse quartz sand, then put 40% of the coconut shell activated carbon, installed on the top of 40% coal based activated carbon.

3), the loading process, note the center nozzle with a sponge block, to avoid the loading process of the filter into the central tube, filled
After the removal of the sponge.
4), loading is completed, the center pipe and the filter barrel mouth to keep the circumference concentric, avoid flushing valve cannot be installed.

G, loading is completed, the flush valve clockwise direction, to ensure that no leakage; according to the disassembly of the reverse order is mounted to the machine.
Warning: to replace the filter, you must first of more medium filter and adsorption filter backwash for 20 minutes, until the outlet water becomes clear, flushing must first of more medium filter flushing, flushing of the filter for adsorption!
Flushing adsorption filter process, there will be a black water from the RO concentrated water drainage outlet, please pay attention to pollution!

3) PP filter element replacement method:
A, replacing time reference value of the time. ( Note: according to the actual water quality status to determine the time of replacing. )
B, replacing the filter element, must first turn off the power, water supply and drain water can be replaced.
C, using a random distribution of the fine filter wrench from the bottom of the filter housing cover into the fastening, counterclockwise rotation of filter housing, filter to remove.
D, fine filter periodically removing and cleaning time, washing with clean water to rinse the surface and brush repeatedly brush filter surface.
E, replacing time reference table. ( Note: the replacement of time based on the raw water quality and quantity to decide. )

4) Reverse osmosis membrane cleaning, replacement and preservation:
A, reverse osmosis membrane washing:
1), in normal operation, the machine system is set to reverse osmosis membrane for 24 hours 5 minutes for automatic flushing.
2), such as water quality changes, the need for reverse osmosis force rinse, only need to put the RO flushing selection switch to” artificial” location, the flushing time is 10 ~ 20 minutes, rinse after the switch to” automatic” position.
Warning: when the reverse osmosis in automatic flushing or artificial and compulsive washing, membrane system working pressure is zero, then no regulation” film work pressure regulating valve”, flushing is completed, the pressure automatically restores to normal working pressure; such as artificial regulation, the pressure system and RO have serious injury!

B, Reverse osmosis membrane replacement:
1), when the reverse osmosis membrane water yield decline, water quality deterioration or does not reach the standard, be replaced with a new reverse osmosis membrane.
2), replacing the former must first turn off the power, water supply and drain water.
3), remove the membrane module connected with both sides of pipes, loosen the fixed clamp, taken out of the membrane assembly.
4), remove the membrane formation water side of the membrane head fastening clamps, remove plastic sealing head, pull out the reverse osmosis membrane element.
5), to replace the new film according to removing the steps.
6), when the replacement of the reverse osmosis membrane, must undertake compulsory rinse for 30 minutes, until the output water without preservatives flavors!

C, Short term preservation:
Short term preservation method is applicable to stop operation for 5 to 30 days, the RO membrane element is installed in the system the membrane shell, save the specific steps are as follows:
1), using artificial and compulsive washing reverse osmosis system, while paying attention to the gas from the system completely excluded;
2), the reverse osmosis module and related pipe is filled with water, close the inlet, concentrated water drainage, water outlet valve, preventing entry of gas system;
3), every 5 days in accordance with the method of flushing time.

2, Machine maintenance:
1) Regular maintenance machine integrity, found to be leaking immediately repair;
2) Pay attention to maintaining the electrical part of the drying machine, the plane will not be placed in a damp environment, while avoiding the rain pour and corrosive gas or liquid erosion;
3) If the machine is disabled, except in accordance with the requirements of the reverse osmosis membrane preservation, and shut off the water supply, power off.
Warning: when the new machine is enabled or reverse osmosis membrane liquid medicines immersion after reactivation, please will reverse osmosis stage of pipes and containers of water drain!